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Sciennes Primary Uniform Policy


Nearly New School Uniform Sales
Please note that our School Council holds regular sales of high quality, nearly new school uniform. Check the Sciennes website, Sciennes Flyer or School Council website for details of the next sale.

Assistance with School Uniform
City of Edinburgh Council can provide children from low income families with assistance towards the purchase of school clothing, subject to certain criteria. Further information is available on the Council website where an application form can be downloaded. Forms are also available from the School Office or you can contact School Grants, Awards and Placements by telephone Tel 0131 469 3471 or email

Sciennes School Uniform
Uniform can be ordered online by clicking on the link on the school website.

What Can My Child Wear as Uniform?
T-shirts and polo shirts in white, red and navy blue with the school emblem may be ordered from Reception but please note that it is perfectly acceptable for pupils to wear plain white T-shirts or polo shirts purchased from supermarkets or department stores. 

We have a school tie which can be worn with a plain white shirt if you prefer. Please note that School ties can no longer be ordered from the School Office but can be sourced at Clan House.

Plain grey skirts and plain grey or black school trousers can be purchased from school or elsewhere. Plain navy blue jogging trousers are also acceptable.

Girls can wear a red or blue gingham checked summer dress.

Most of our pupils wear a navy blue Sciennes sweatshirt with the school emblem. Our P7 pupils wear a royal blue Sciennes sweatshirt.

Fleeces and jackets in navy blue, as well as schoolbags and gym bags, with the Sciennes emblem can be ordered through school if you wish. 

We prefer our pupils to wear school shoes in dark colours. 

Statement from Scottish Government on School Uniform

School dress codes
The Scottish Government has made wearing school uniforms a central part of the drive to improve discipline and raise academic standards in schools.
We consulted with school boards and parents about introducing a dress code and received their support. Many schools across the city have already adopted a dress code.
The benefits of a school dress code are that
  • it improves security as it is easy to spot who is a pupil
  • pupils can feel a sense of belonging and commitment to the school
  • the image of the school can improve
  • differences between pupils are reduced.
Unsuitable clothing for school
The following types of clothing is unacceptable in schools
  • items potentially causing health and safety problems for the wearer like certain types of earrings and chains
  • footwear which might damage flooring or carpets
  • clothing with words or pictures on them which could offend others
  • scarves or tops representing sports teams other than the school's own team
  • tight, short or revealing clothing that could offend others
  • clothing advertising the use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs.

Sciennes School Uniform Policy
Click here Sciennes Primary Uniform Policy then access File and Download As in Google Docs to downoad a copy of the policy.

Alternatively, view an online copy published using Issuu, below: 

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